10/23/2016 Halloween Stories and Terrifying Tales with Dark Waters

Only two more weeks of Shocktober and it wouldn’t be the same without good old fashion spooky stories, tales and encounters just in time for Halloween. And who better to share them with us than the one and only Dark Waters. Dark is back with us this week to bring us the scariest true encounters shared with him by his listeners and followers of his popular Dark Waters You Tube Channel. Lock your doors, light your pumpkins, draw the shades and gather your loved ones around as we invite you for an evening of frights, thrills and chills as we welcome back Dark Waters to Shocktober on BTE Radio 

Dark Waters, as he is affectionately known by his subscribers is a YouTube horror narrator born in New Orleans, Louisiana. He directly attributes his success to growing up in such a diverse city filled with myth and lore. Waters is a professional storyteller who interviews witnesses to strange, confusing or frightening phenomena, and recreates their stories as accurately as possible on his website and YouTube channel. The Dark Waters Horror Channel was created in November 2015 to serve a niche within the YouTube horror genre. 

Dark Waters blends his unique style of investigating, narration, and down to earth commentary to create some of the most compelling true horror stories on YouTube. With story topics ranging from Black Eyed Kids, Ghosts, Demons, Shadow People, Bigfoot and Dog-men, the Dark Waters Channel is quickly becoming one of the top destinations for horror.
About the Dark Waters You Tube Channel. 

Dark Waters Channel  is the place to find real true horror stories. The channel was born out of my own paranormal experience I had when I was 12 years old. Since then I have been fascinated with things that go bump in the night. You will find that we focus on stories form the Southeastern region of the United States. We do our best to visit the actual site of each encounter, safety permitting. We hope you enjoy the channel.

To learn more visit the channel at 


The official website
​ www.melchizedekholding.wix.com/darkwaters

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