1/19/2014 Jay Bachochin and Allen Dunski Jr of Wisconsin Paranormal Investigatgors

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Join Eric, Lon & Sean as we welcome our friend & colleague Jay Bachochin & Allen Dunski, Jr. of Wisconsin Paranormal Investigators.

WPI Hunts the Truth The Wisconsin Paranormal Investigators Wisconsin Paranormal Investigators (or WPI) was founded in March 2007 by Jay Bachochin and his wife Katie due to their love and passion of the paranormal. Together they began a quest to find the answers to their questions and formed a small group with the same interest and passion. They set out to ‘Hunt the Truth’. What does HUNT the TRUTH mean? To determine What is Normal and What is Paranormal by using technology and approaching each situation scientifically while being 100% skeptical. Are they ghost hunters? No. The word paranormal means ‘not normal’. There are a lot of claims in the world that are paranormal, not just the ghosts claims. So why are they not considered ghost hunters? In their opinion, how can one hunt a ghost when the bigger question is “What is a Ghost?” It is only by theory, speculation and opinion of what a ghost is. The popular belief is that a ghost is a human beings energy coming back from the afterlife. So if it looks like a ghost, sounds like a ghost, it must be a ghost then, right? In their opinion, no. 99.9% of the time it could be debunked as a natural cause even though it seems like something paranormal. Do they believe in the possibilities of paranormal activity associated with ghosts? Absolutely. Yet to say they are ghost hunters would be incorrect because they are not hunting ghosts, they are Hunting the Truth. They are Paranormal Investigators. They investigate and research claims of anything paranormal from ghost claims, cryptozoology creatures, urban legends, unidentified aerial phenomena, conspiracy theories as well as a decade long investigation of an unsolved mystery of river drownings. If it’s paranormal in nature, WPI will Hunt the Truth behind the claims. The Wisconsin Paranormal Investigators are: Founders - Jay and Katie Bachochin; Lead Investigator - Allen Dunski, Jr. and the contributing investigators - Jackie Moran, Freddy Skuban, Bryan Meisinger, Amanda Ross, Marty Bieliki, Ray Organski, Paul Ambrosini, Scott Houchin and Keely Mylinski. Personal Bio(s) Jay Bachochin, Founder I’ve been interested in the paranormal, pretty much since I was old enough to hold an interest. I was raised on Creature Features back in the early 70’s. I just loved “anything” that was supernatural. It wasn’t until 1977 when I witnessed something paranormal first hand and saw the most amazing display of a well lit flying object above our heads in my hometown of Lindenhurst, IL. What did my brother, sister and my mom see that night? We could all say it was a UFO, but until this day .... we still can’t explain what we saw. However, it was fascinating to watch these lights move in the night sky over a total of :20 minutes. Throughout my life I have experienced many different types of paranormal activity. Not all ghostly experiences but ‘odd’ to say the least. I’ve experienced a 5 second black-out when I was 8 years old. The black-out didn’t only happen to me at that time, but also the friend I was with at the time. This 5 second black-out was the most bizzare thing I can recall from childhood. How can 2 people share the same black-out? I’ve witnessed many different unidentified flying objects near my hometown and my current residence over the years. Only if they had smart phones back in the day where I could get that evidence everybody talks about. Finally, during some paranormal investigating I have experienced what some people would call a ghost. Not sure if it was a deceased person coming back from beyond to run through my body, but it was definitely not of this ‘normal’ world. I believe that we are not alone in our universe: another race of alien beings? a greater force beyond comprehension? worm-holes? time scapes? parallel universes? Maybe it’s my faith in God knowing that anything and everything is possible? Allen Dunski, Jr., Lead Investigator I have always challenged the basic way of thinking. I believe in some form of life after death, whether it be reincarnation or in a spiritual form. I want to find out for myself what the afterlife brings us. I find it almost impossible to think that we are alone on this earth and there are way too many unanswered questions that I have. I am on a journey to discover the truth that has been hidden from all of us! This is not just a hobby to me, it is a passion!



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