1/31/2016 Ouija Expert, Historian and collector Robert Murch

Eric and Marie wrap up the month of January welcoming our friend Roberrt Murch to the program. We're both excited to have Robert join us this Sunday night to talk about something near and dear to his heart, the Ouija or Talking Boards. Find out about the history, controversy and myths associated with this famous communcation device. Is it all a game? Tune in this Sunday night as Robert joins us to share his expertise and knowledge on this fascinating topic, this week on BTE Radio.

Robert Murch is the world’s foremost collector, historian, and expert on Ouija® and talking boards and serves as the “Chairman of the Board” for the Talking Board Historical Society which he founded. His bizarre relationship with Ouija began after watching the movie Witchboard in 1986, a century after the talking board made its debut. Murch purchased his first antique Ouija board in 1992, and became obsessed with unraveling the mystery of its origins. Since then he’s devoted his life to researching the history of the Ouija board and its founders, with Murch often traveling the world to track down descendants of all those involved with the introduction of the Mystifying Oracle®.

Murch showcases his research and knowledge on his websites robertmurch.com williamfuld.com and the upcoming talkingboards.com often collaborating with Hasbro, Winning Moves, USAopoly, TCG Toys, and ToyCo (producers of the Ouija board today) and on various films, including Ouija, Inherent Vice, What Lies Beneath, Sugar & Spice, and Drive-Thru. He has also consulted on or appeared in numerous TV programs featuring Ouija, including 30 Odd Minutes, TNT’s Rizzoli & Isles, A&E’s Storage Wars and Paranormal State, Travel Channel’s Mysteries at the Museum and Ghost Adventures, Showtime’s Bullshit!, Smithsonian Channel’s My Million Dollar Invention, HGTV’s Who’s Lived in my House?, and CBS Sunday Morning. The Smithsonian Magazine consulted Bob for a popular article on Ouija boards and featured him and his research on the topic while reddit tapped him to host an IAmA on all things Ouija.

Murch is a frequent guest on Coast to Coast AM and an accomplished international lecturer, speaking at museums and conferences around the world. He is currently collaborating with Brandon Hodge to create a book on the definitive history of spirit communication. Ever the pioneer, Murch was one of the first same-sex couples legally married in the United States and lives with his husband, Gary Halteman, in Boston, Massachusetts. What’s next for Murch? You’ll just have to ask the Ouija board!

Check out Robert's website at www.robertmurch.com

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