1/5/2014 Matthew Brownstein and the Star Child kick off the new year!

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Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year. BTE Radio is back to kick off 2014 as we welcome Matthew Brownstein to the program this week to talk about the Star Child. It came to our attention in mid 2013 that our good friend and multi time guest Lloyd Pye was Diagnosed with aggressive B-cell lymphoma cancer. Lloyd turned over the Starchild Project to others such as Matthew Brownstein who will carry it forward with a new, fully modernized, and highly upgraded website. Due to Lloyd's untimely passing, Matthew has agreed to join us this week to discuss the latest about the Star Child Skull and to help us pay tribute to our friend Lloyd Pye.

Matthew Brownstein is the newest member of the Starchild Project Team, which has been working actively since 1999 to prove the mystery of a 900 year-old carbon dated bone skull that genetic experts and medical professionals feel could very well be another species not yet known to modern science. Matthew is the Chief Operating Officer of the Starchild Project and has joined the team to help with their fundraising efforts to raise the money to sequence the DNA of the Starchild Skull. Matthew works directly with Lloyd Pye and the entire Starchild Project Team to create more public awareness of a skull that could truly change history as we know it. Matthew is also the Executive Director of the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy and has been in the fields of alternative therapies and alternative knowledge for over 20 years. As a Hypnotherapist he is also very familiar with the phenomena of Hypnosis and Alien Abduction and the profound implications of what it would mean to prove alien life. The website for the Starchild Project is www.StarchildProject.com and major fundraising for the project is happening now. Visit the website for more details.




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