4/19/2015 BTE Radios’ Creature Features - with Guest Sharon Day

This week, Eric and Marie are joined by Creature Feature new co-host Karyn Dolan as we kick off our premier episode of BTE Creature Features and welcome our very first guest Sharon Day.

Once a month, BTE Radio will present Creature Features. It will be an episode in which we discuss cryptids, creatures, monsters, strange animals and those who research and investigate them. Whether it's crypto news, or the creatures themselves, we'll explore the mysteries of these yet unidentified cryptids.

This week we present Author, Blogger, Vlogger, and Paranormal Investigator Sharon Day.

Sharon is the blooger of Ghost Hunting Theories, she has written multiple books from fiction to non fiction. Sharon is a paranormal investigator who grew up in a Civil War field hospital where many unexplainable occurrences changed the course of my life. She spent her childhood digging up relics and helping her mother to uncover the history of the estate. A respect for man's history, archaeology and a curiosity about the unexplained universe rule her passion for my study and my theories on her site Ghost Hunting Theories. The goal of the blog is to open minds and get people excited to seek that which they cannot explain. 



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