6/5/2016 John Brightman, New England Paranormal Research and the Bridgewater Triangle

This week John Brightman of the New England Paranormal Research returns to BTE Radio. Eric and Marie welcome John back to share the latest news and investigations the NEPR and he have been up to. We'll talk about some of the haunted locations in New England and the infamous Bridgewater Triangle. 

About John
Hailing from the planet of Freetown MA John Brightman, founder of New England Paranormal Research, has been investigating for nearly a decade. Johns childhood acted as the main inspiration, growing up in the Freetown State Forest, part of the Bridgewater Triangle of Massachusetts. Specializing in any big big conventions all over the country such as Dragon con 2 years in a row,Fear con, Scarefest, Scare a con, RI comic con, Rapture Horror con and many more just to name a few. So stop by and say hi to him! he loves a healthy dose of conversation, advice, or just plain entertainment. 

my ghost story rose ithe infamous murder cases of cult leader Carl Drew, as well as Mary Lou Arruda, John's lectures will captivate every audience with his macabre tales and astonishing evidence.

John's outstanding research and state-of-the-art precision to gather evidence has lead him to being featured on shows like the Travel Channels Ghost Adventures, A Haunting, The Haunted, My Ghost Story and even international shows in over a dozen countries, world-wide.

John's documented evidence is showcased in his book, based on the Bridgewater Triangle Called Dark Gift. John has taken part in several paranormal documentary productions, as well as the historically film project of The Bridgewater Triangle. John has also started his own photography company doing horror and gore photos that will be out in late 2014 and 2015!

To learn more about John and the NEPR visit http://www.neparanormalresearch.com/

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