8/16/2015 BTE Radio Creature Features presents William Jevning

On this weeks edition of Creature Features, Eric, Marie and Karyn welcome 41 year research veteran William Jevning to the program to talk about our favorite hairy cryptid, Bigfoot. 

William Jevning was a long time close friend and protege' of world famous Sasquatch Hunter Rene' Dahinden. He is a two time witness of Sasquatch encounters and veteran field researcher of these creatures with 41 years to his credit. William is the author of "Notes From the Field, Tracking North America's Sasquatch", "Haunted Valley", and "In Search of the Unknown".

His most recent project was as a participant on the History channel show "America's Book of Secrets, The Mystery of Bigfoot". William has been a guest on numerous podcasts and radio shows, including Darkness radio February 25th 2015. I am currently working on three new book manuscripts and continuing my work in the field. To learn more about William visit his website http://jevningresearch.blogspot.com/

Join us this coming Sunday night for another edition of BTE Radio's Creature Features as we welcome long time researcher and author William Jevning to the show.


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