10/25/2015 BTE’s Annual Halloween Spooktacular with Guest Jim Harold

Eric and Marie celebrate our 8th Anniversary of BTE Radio with our Annual Halloween Spooktacular.   We welcome Paranormal Podcast's Jim Harold to the show as our guest and guest Co-Host. During the first half hour, Eric shares a creepy encounter along with an EVP captured during an investigation in 2014 in Gettysburg. Then at 8:30, we welcome Jim to the show to talk with us about his Podcast shows, and his Camp Fire books.  Jim shares some stories from his True Ghost Stories; Jim Harold's Camp Fire Vol 1-4 books, with his latest Vol 4.  Then at 9:00 pm, we read emails and take phone calls from you our listeners sharing your spooky and terrifying paranormal encounters.  Some of which are down right creepy!   On Behalf of Marie, my previous Co-hosts, segment hosts and myself, we'd like to thank you for the many years of support and for tuning in every week to BTE Radio over the past 8 years.  Thank you to Jim Harold for joining us and helping us judge the listeners stories and congrats to Felicity, Jim and Cindy, our top three prize winners.  To find out more about Jim Harold, visit his website at www.jimharold.com.   Tune in next week as we begin our 9th year here at BTE Radio with another great guest! 

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