1/04/2015 Haunted Survivors Roundtable with Tim Yancey, Jason Gowin and Steven LaChance

BTE Radio officially returns to the airways this Sunday night, January 4th with returning guests Steven LaChance and Jason Gowin for our Haunted Survivors Roundtable Discussion. We are awaiting word from a third mystery guest and will announce who it is as soon as we have confirmation. Aldo Poe, our first contestant in the BTE Radio Search for a new Co-Host contest will be joining us this week on the program as we welcome Steven, Jason and a possible third mystery guest. Steven LaChance is a Haunted Survivor along with his family who lived for a short period in a Haunted Home in Union Missouri. He has since moved out and used his experience to educate himself about what he experienced and to help and empower others dealing with the same circumstances. Steven has since gone on to host several talk radio programs, author multiple books on his experiences, lecture, research and appear on several movies and television programs discussing his journey and how he survived a haunting many years ago. Jason Gowin has been a life long paranormal enthusiast and researcher. He has had several terrifying experiences and encounters while investigating the paranormal. A former member of Ghost Hunters Inc. and star of the television show Extreme Paranormal, Jason lectures and has appeared on multiple television and radio programs using his knowledge and experience to help others going through similar terrifying experiences. Tim Yancey is our third guest joining us. Tim grew up in a home haunted by a mischievous entity known as the "Boogerman." He has learned how to deal with this past and has gone on to help many people who are dealing with similar situations. Tim is the host of Encounters Paranormal Radio Series since it's inception in 1992. Tim has appeared on multiple television shows, in films, documentaries, radio programs including BTE Radio. Join Eric and Aldo as they welcome Steven and Jason back to BTE Radio as they share their tragedies and triumphs of being a Haunted Survivor. That's this Sunday night January 4, from 8 to 10 pm Eastern time. Tune in live on www.para-x.com/live.htm or www.planetparanormal.com

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