12/8/2013 Robin Swope “The Paranormal Pastor”

his week on BTE Radio, we welcome back the Paranormal Pastor Robin Swope

About Pastor Swope....

Rev. Robin Swope has been a protestant minister for over 20 years, serving in Mainline and Evangelical Churches. He has served as a missionary to West Africa and ministered to the homeless in Hell's Kitchen NYC. He currently serves as Pastor at St. Paul's United Church of Christ in Downtown Erie PA. He has authored several books including the best selling “Slenderman:From Fiction to Fact” and “An Exorcist Field Guide to Blessings and Consecrations” and has authored chapters in Brad Steiger's “Real” paranormal series of books. He is a Seminary trained exorcist and has done consulting work for television productions and Paranormal groups worldwide. His blog “The Paranormal Pastor” looks at all things .

You can watch Pastor Swope this winter as he will be featured on The Discovery Network's Monsters and Mysteries in America as he has been interviewed for an episode on the Slendarman for this upcoming season. The premise of the episode is based on his book. It focuses on the manifestation of the Slenderman entity, with personal stories from eyewitnesses. Stay tuned for the air date!


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