2/15/2015 Adam Davies Author Explorer Cryptozoologist

Jason Schmidt is our next contestant in the search for a new Co-Host here at BTE Radio.  This Sunday Jason and I welcome Author, Explorer and Cryptozoologist Adam Davies to the show as Cryptid Month continues.  

Whether you call him an Explorer, Adventurer or Cryptozoologist, there is no one alive today who has done more active fieldwork to prove the existence of yet-to be discovered animals in remote and sometimes dangerous parts of the world.  From the dense jungles of the Congo and Sumatra, to the Deserts of Mongolia, and the Mountains of Nepal, Adam has traveled the world in search of scientific evidence of the existence of these creatures.  Adam has actually brought back real scientific evidence of the creatures he has tracked, a feat unmatched by anyone ever in this field so far.  
Examples of the creatures he has gathered evidence of which have astonished include the Orang-Pendek in Sumatra, the Yeren in China, and the Seljord Serpent in Norway.  Indeed, he has just been working on a project with one of the world's leading geneticists on Bigfoot.  Adam would love to do this full time, but for now he devotes all his spare time and money to his passion.  He imagines what he could really achieve if he had the opportunity to do so.

Adam is a frequent contributor to documentary television programming, including such shows such as the History Channel's "MonsterQuest", National Geographic Channel's `Is it Real?` series, Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot" and was just last month featured on the Science Channel's, `Unexplained Files` series.  He has just released his latest book “Manbeast: A Personal Investigation” which is available on Amazon.com.

Website:  http://www.adamdaviesexplorer.com/

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