2/21/2016 John Ventre Owen Eichler The Kecksburg Mystery Solved?

This week Eric and Marie are joined by PA Mufon State Director and Author John Ventre and Kecksburg Researcher Owen Eichler to discuss Owen’s controversial claim that he has solved the Kecksburg Crash that occurred in December 1965. They’ll be on to discuss Owen’s claim that the vehicle that crashed and was recovered by the military was the MK2 sattelite created by General Electric developed for the U.S. Military to photograph and possibly destroy, enemy satellites in space.

John Ventre and Owen Eichler will explore several well-known theories about the 1965 crash including the theories which suggest the object could have been technology recovered under Operation Paperclip (e.g., the Nazi Bell), or possibly the Soviet spacecraft Kosmos 96, or even an actual extraterrestrial vehicle.

On December 9, 1965 at 4:47 pm, something navigated through our airspace and made a semi controlled landing in Kecksburg Pennsylvania. The legend has grown to include one witness who saw a scaly, three fingered hand come out of the top of the UFO, similar to the ending of the 1953 movie “War of the Worlds”, to seeing an alien body on a gurney at Hangar 18 at Wright Patterson Air Force base alongside a cone shaped craft.

John was contacted in February 2015 by Owen Eichler in regards to his theory that the December 9, 1965 Kecksburg UFO incident was potentially a crash and retrieval of a GE Mark 2 reentry vehicle (RV) launched on December 7, 1965. Owen said he has spent ten years researching his theory and believes he is correct. The GE Mark 2 RV has never been mentioned as a possible candidate for Kecksburg. This object was a spy capsule that was kept secret until 1991 
About our guests:

Owen Eichler has an education from Point Park University, Pittsburgh Pa. Degree in Mechanical Engineering with Minor in Heat Transfer. He’s held several Vocations which include Electrical Engineer; Mechanical Engineer; HVAC Engineer; Trades Craftsman. Twenty year Veteran of Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Industrial Engineering Consultant 
Owen’s areas of Technical Expertise include Nuclear Steam Supply Systems; Power Distribution and Control; Instrumentation Control and Protection; HVAC Design and Installation; Project(s) Management; Industrial Product Management with emphasis on Specifications, Procurement, Production Control and Planning, Quality Control Standards, Negotiation, Testing and Delivery Requirements

John Ventre is the retired PA-WV-VA State Security and Public Affairs Director for UPS and was his Companies liaison to his local Congressman.

John is a multi-State Director for the Mutual UFO Network. John is the author of 6 novels. It was John’s research into end time prophecy and cultures that got him interested in UFOs in 1996. John is an occasional columnist for 7 different magazines. 
John served on the Board of Directors for Juvenile Diabetes, the Westmoreland Economic Growth Connection, MUFON, Rotary and was a United Way Tocqueville Society member for charitable giving. John is his Rotary Club President. 
John appeared on the Anderson Cooper show in 2012 and has appeared in over 50 episodes on 7 TV series including 19 episodes on History Channels “Hanger 1” and 26 episodes on PCTV21’s “UFOs over Pittsburgh”. John was a guest on Coast to Coast AM in 2014 and 2015, Podcast UFO in 2014 and lectured at the Wizard World Comicon in 2015. 
John can be reached at www.johnventre.com or 724 836 1266


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