3/13/2016 Nick White from Cage the Darkness and Cursed The Bell Witch join us.

This week Eric and Marie welcome Paranormal Investigator, Founder and lead Investigator Nick White. Nick most recently seen on A&E's Cursed The Bell Witch is a 20 plus year investigator who is the founder and lead investigator of Cage The Darkness Paranormal. Nick hails from Tennessee and has lectured across the country at many event. Nick also raises money for charities and charitable organizations through various fundraising means.

Nick has been involved with the paranormal since he was a young boy with no one around to believe him or to explain what he had experienced. That is when his curiousity was fed an appetizer to get his hunger for knowledge started and making him ask, "What's going on around me?" There have been many more occurances throughout the years, and still occurs in his adulthood as well. Nick does have abilities that God has given him and apparently sprits, etc., know that as well, so they enjoy being around him more often than not. He can feel their presence and their emotions as well as living people's emotions. Nick tend to reflect those emotions when they are strong wether it be good or bad. He also, sometimes receive pictures or sounds depending on what God wants him to know at the time. It has taken him a long time to understand and to turn into a finely tuned instrument in assisting hid investigating the paranormal.

Nick have been on more than 300 investigations on his own and, once founded founded a team in 2011, Cage the Darkness. They have been on more than 100 investigations together. He have experienced many different types of paranormal events including residual and intelligent spirits, disembodied voices, phantoms, shadow people, elementals, poltergeists, animal spirits, apparations, orbs, vortexes, wormholes, demonic entities, etheric revenants, mist, and many more. He have been pushed, scratched, poked, punched, slapped, just about every type of physical happening outside of being possessed. Nick has investigated many different types of properties including business, residential, historic, religous and many different cemetaries as well.

Nick has made several guest appearances on the successful paranormal television show A&E's Cursed The Bell Witch.

Join us this week as we welcome Nick White, talk about the Paranormal, Nick's cases and adventures into the unknown.
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and his facebook page https://www.facebook.com/nickwhite03

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