3/16/2014 “The Paranormal Rockstar” Dustin Pari

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Eric, Lon and Sean welcome Dustin Pari this week to BTE Radio.

Dustin is a paranormal investigator & lecturer. Dustin is a former television personality and member of 'TAPS', appearing on 'Ghost Hunters', 'Ghost Hunters International' & 'Destination Truth.' He has co-authored two books with Barry Fitzgerald 'The Complete Approach-The Scientific and Metaphysical Guide to The Paranormal' and 'So My Home is Haunted...Now What?' After leaving television, Dustin founded 'The Patch Ministry', a faith-based outreach group..

Dustin writes on his website:

Just a little about me- I'm your average, every day guy who just has had very good fortune with being in the right place at the right time. But as they say- luck is what happens when hard work meets opportunity.

I am a proud father to three wonderful children and I'm very happily married to the girl of my dreams, all of which I miss greatly while traveling to film the show around the globe.

I have been interested in the paranormal since I was a child and I've been investigating since my early teens with friends at local hot spots. When I'm not hunting ghosts, I'm busy holding down three “normal” jobs.

In my free time (if there is any) I enjoy spending time with my family, working on classic cars, writing satirical social commentaries, playing Guitar Hero, eating cereal and watching cartoons.

As to why I am still pursuing this field today--well, I am a very spiritual individual and I am constantly looking for proof of the afterlife, not for myself but for others. If nothing more than to show nonbelievers that there is something more out there to consider- and that maybe- we can all live in this life, just being a little nicer to each other.

I love the paranormal community because it is filled with people just like me. People who are just doing the best they can with the resources and time they have available.

Lets face it, you could do anything for a day job, but once you have that life changing encounter, your heart will always lead you back to this field and to the unknown.

I thank all of you for your support of my ventures both past, present and future.

http://paranormalrockstar.com/ www.dustinpari.com

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