3/23/2014 Steve Jones Paranormal and Bigfoot investigator

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This week, Eric, Lon and Sean welcome long time Paranormal and Forest Giant Investigator Steve Jones.

Steve Jones is a Paranormal Investigator and A Bigfoot Researcher. Steve has over 30 years experience in Radio and TV. Currently he is the host of Destination: Outdoors which can be heard on Fox Sports 1350 Am Mondays at 6 PM and seen Mondays at 6:00 pm on the Armstrong Cable System. Steve has been researching Bigfoot since 1990 and saw his first creature in 1992. Steve has been researching the paranormal since 2007. In 2008, Steve joined Team Spectre on a few local ghost investigations. The most important thing Steve has learned in his years of paranormal research is that you have to be skeptical of everything you see and hear. Not every shadow in the woods or bump in the night is a Bigfoot or Ghost. Steve has seen enough over the years to believe there are earth bound spirits that co-exist with us. Some seem to be stuck here. Others seem not to know why they are dead or have no intentions of leaving because of unfinished business. One thing Steve knows for sure is you wont find the answers sitting on his couch watching TV. Steve has also worked with Robert W. Morgan investigating Bigfoot sightings and cases in Central and Southern Ohio for over 20 years.

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