6/14/2015 Author Kevin M. Sullivan - The Bundy Murders: A Comprehensive History

Due to severe weather, and loss of power this episode was interupted early and we were not able to complete the interview with our guest, however Kevin has agreed to return at a later date to conclude our discussion on Ted Bundy and Richard Chase.  Thank you for your understanding. 

Serial Killer Month Continues at BTE Radio as this week we welcome Author Kevin M. Sullivan to the program to discuss two Serial Killers, Ted Bundy and Richard Chase.  In the first half hour Shawn Donley and Marianne Donley of Paranormal Activity Network Investigation Center Database (PANICd.com)​ Panic'D and Dark Shadow Ghost Tours​ drop by with the latest edition of "The Haunted Spotlight."  Then at 8:30 pm est. Marie and Eric welcome prolific author Kevin M. Sullivan to the show to discuss two of his books, The Bundy Murders, a comprohensive history and Vampire, The Richard Chase murders.  To learn more about Kevin M. Sullivan and his collection of publications and books visit www.wildbluepress.com.   Join us this week as Serial Killer week continues as we welcome Kevin M. Sullivan to BTE Radio.

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