8-28-2016 Society of the Supernatural Dave Spinks and David Weatherly

This week we welcome back Dave Spinks and David Weatherly members of the Society of the Supernatural. During the first half hour Eric and Marie will have announcements about upcoming guests and a few Paranormal news stories. Then at 8:30 pm we welcome back Dave and David to the show to talk about their research, videos and their group the Society Of the Supernatural. 

Society of the Supernatural specializes in exploring all realms of the supernatural, emphasizing a passion for researching and investigating hauntings, cryptids, aliens, and all other types of supernatural phenomena. With nearly 100 years of combined experience between Dave Spinks, and David Weatherly the team melds together a unique blend of talent that spans multiple disciplines with unmatched integrity. Society of the Supernatural members have been featured on Coast-To-Coast AM, The Haunted, Ancient Aliens, My Ghost Story, numerous network news stations, and between them have written several books about the supernatural.

About Dave Spinks:
Dave Spinks has been investigating the paranormal since 1986 in various aspects due to several experiences he had as a young man. He retired from over a 20 year career in the U.S. military and Federal Law enforcement in 2011. Since that time, Dave has investigated the paranormal on a full time basis and has conducted well over 1,000 investigations during his time researching the supernatural. He has investigated some of the most notoriously haunted locations in the United States and even a few in Europe.

Dave's sole purpose in investigating the paranormal is to answer some of man's greatest questions. Is there life after death? Are we alone in the universe? Are there unknown creatures walking among us? He believes there are, and that alone is his motivation.

Dave has been a featured guest on numerous syndicated radio shows, podcasts, and live Internet shows, including Coast to Coast AM, Darkness Radio, Paranormal Zone TV, Prime Time Paranormal, and hundreds more. He is often requested to be a guest at paranormal conferences and as a guest speaker on many topics in the supernatural realm. He has also recently penned his first book, due for release later in 2016, and has a second already in the works.

About David Weatherly

David Weatherly is a paranormal investigator and author. For over 40 years he has explored the world of the strange, investigating cases around the country and abroad. He has written and lectured on a diverse range of topics including cryptozoology, ufology and hauntings. David has also studied shamanic and magical traditions with elders from numerous cultures including Europe, Tibet, Native America, and Africa. He has appeared on numerous radio programs including: Coast to Coast AM, Dreamland, Veritas, and Darkness Radio. David was also featured in Watchers Volume 5 and on Ancient Aliens. He is the author of The Black Eyed Children and Strange Intruders. and his most recent release Wood Knocks Volume 1.

You can learn more about the Society, Dave and David by visitng these websites. 


Join us this week at 8:00 pm Est. for a "Super"natural time with the guys from SOS David Weatherly and Dave Spinks this week on BTE Radio.

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