8/30/2015 Neil Sanders, Jay Bachochin and Scott Markus and the Hidden Truth

This week on BTE Radio, Eric and Marie welcome are going to dive deep into a decade long mystery in search of “The hidden truth” as they welcome Neil Sanders, Jay Bachochin and Scott Markus of the Hidden Truth documentary film.
From Emergence Films, Hidden Truth Productions in association with Wisconsin Paranormal Investigators comes the “Hidden Truth?’
Nine College men have drowned in the Mississippi in Lacrosse Wisconsin since 1997. Ruled as “Accidental drowning” some are blaming a serial killer, some believe coincidence, but could it be something paranormal?
Based on Actual Facts, Join Neil Sanders retired Chief Deputy Medical Examiner of LaCrosse, Jay Bachochin of WPI hunts the truth and cameraman Scot Markus of Emergence Films as they take an unorthodox approach of investigating a decade long unsolved mystery of the LaCrosse Drownings. Are hundreds of LaCrosse residents still at risk of river drowning? The answer to this question and more are investigated in this documentary film, which is dedicate to the lost souls, and their families.
To learn more visit www.thehiddentruthproductions.com


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