July 7, 2013 Keith Age “The Rock and Roll Ghost Hunter” and guest co-host Tim Yancey

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On this episode of BTE Radio, Lon and Sean have the night off and we welcome our good friend "guest co-host" Tim Yancey formerly of Encounters Paranormal Radio to help Eric welcome back our Keith Age of the Louisville Ghost Hunters Society.

He has been called “The Legendary Rock-n-Roll Ghost Hunter”, mostly because he has over 30 years of experience in paranormal research and because he has been a professional musician even longer. He is also the Founder and President of the Louisville Ghost Hunters Society, which was formed in 1996 and has over 4,000 members worldwide.

Beyond hearing Keith Age on hundreds of... radio stations internationally, he can also be seen on the Syfy Channel. He is the host and Associate Producer of the Booth Bro., Spooked Tv, highly acclaimed documentary Spooked series which includes Spooked: Ghosts of Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Children of the Grave, The Possessed, The Haunted Boy, the secret diary of the Exorcist Case and Soul Catcher, trail of Fears. He and the Booth Brothers are currently working on several new and exciting documentaries.

Along with his duties as Associate Producer of Spooked Television Releasing, he can be found at numerous speaking engagements nationally. They include but are not limited to the American Ghost Society’s (AGS) Conference, UNIV-CON, Haunted Hickory, and his own annual Mid-South Paranormal Convention. As well, many other Lectures and Events.

His approach to investigating the paranormal in a non-metaphysical manner has Keith Age known world-wide. His years of experience not only investigating the paranormal but playing bass guitar have earned him the title of "The Rock-n-Roll Ghost Hunter.”

visit the Louiseville Ghost Hunters Society webpage at


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