October 13, 2013 Author Jeff Mudgett great great grandson of America’s first serial Killer H.H. Holmes.

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Shocktober continues this week as Eric, Lon and Sean take on one of the first and most notorious serial killers in American history, H.H Holmes.

We welcome Jeff Mudgett author of Bloodstains and great great grandson of Holmes to BTE Radio this week. This is a brutal and rivieting story as retold by Jeff in his book that has received world wide acclaim. The book is currently being produced into a feature film. H.H. Holmes.

For those who are not familiar with H. H. Holmes and his “Murder Castle” built during the construction of the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893, Mudgett’s book, BLOODSTAINS, tells the story from a completely new angle, a personal history combined with methodical research into an ancestor no one would willingly claim. Herman Webster Mudgett was a swindler, a con man, a womanizer and, at his worst, H. H. Holmes, the most atrocious serial killer of all time.The success of BLOODSTAINS has been a phenomena for a self-published, first time author. Turning down offers from publishers, Mudgett decided to keep control of the book and the way the story was told – his acquaintance with the subject matter couldn't be turned over to editors and publishers to change.BLOODSTAINS is Jeff Mudgett’s story and Jeff Mudgett’s book.

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